OUR VISION AND MISSION To produce 100% pure and natural coconut oil for every kitchen in Kerala. Thus, to minimize the usage of adulterated oils which leads to several deceases. Producing and supplying 100% Pure and Natural Edible Organic oil, especially coconut oil is one of our main aims to introduce this type of Nano projects units in Kerala. By producing pure and natural, coconut oil, and supplying it to every kitchen. We are supporting families and the whole community to have a healthy life.
“With the help and full support from the government of Kerala, without any hurdles, You can start a new domestic unit which can be operated with less than 5 HP. Power consumption”.
GREEN TECH NANO PROJECT If you start this type of Nano project unit Certainly, you would be a real winner and a proud human, and a proud Entrepreneur.We are the one and only unit project machinery supplier in India providing machineries and marketing strategy to succeed the unit for life time.We are not just a machine supplier. We Supply raw materials. Especially Coconut also to our production units if required.What are the benefits?What makes us special?What we supply?
Training expertsWe give training to our customers, how to operate your units, and how to generate more production and we guide you to lead a successful business.Office automationTechnical and Mechanical ServicesOur expeller machines can produce ready to use Oil instantly from any sort of oil seeds. Table top Domestic Expellers (Especially Designed for kitchens) our Kitchen Fresh Oil Machines are very handy and Compact. Commercial purpose Expellers are Ranging from 1.5 HP, 2HP, 3HP. Single-phase or three-phase.Supply of raw materialsAfter sales supportBranding
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Green Tech Nano Enterprises Customer CareCoconut oil production and Nano Project Machinery Distribution, specially designed for every families.
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Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is the best oil for cooking. It is delicious and rich in protein. Nowadays, we get dry coconut from the local market. But, the wholesale copra makers, use hazardous chemicals, like Sulfur, Alum, etc. to maintain Copra free from fungus for a long time. We don't recommend to purchase it from markets since it will spoil your health. Usage of such chemical processed copra is really dangerous to your health. It can cause disease like cancer. This is the reason why we supply Electric Dryer in different capacities which can be used in any weather conditions.
Our Values
* We are for you.
* Every customer is a guest for us.
* We respect your time and money. We are accountable for what we promised.
* We are here for everyone to use our products.
* We are committed to give you the best service and products.
* To ensure the hundred percent satisfaction to our valued customers.
* We are honest and transparent in our dealings with our customers always.
* We treat everyone equally.
* No compromise on principle and quality.
Expeller & Oil Filter ComboCopra Chopper
Extract oil ready to use from any sort of oil seeds at once.Model::::::MotorVoltageCapacityDimensionWeightGTNCC 100 / GTNCC 2001 HP/ 2 HP220v/5020-30 kg/hr and 35-40 kg/hrH520 L330 W540 mm30/40 kgCommercial purpose Expellers are Ranging from 1.5 HP, 2HP, 3HP. Single-phase or three-phase.
Vaccum Oil FilterMulti Purpose Pulverizer
GTNGVOF 100 - 1 HP - 08-10 Ltr/hr.GTNG - EXVOF 3HP/ 1/3 phase 30-40 kg/hrSingle Chamber.GTNGVOF 200 - 2HP - 20-25 Ltr/hr.Double Chamber.
Oil Filter
Electric Copra Dryer
Dryer capacity : 50 to 2,000 coconuts at a time.
10 Plates (14 x 14).09 Chambers.